Some Reasons Why You Sweat

The evaporation of sweat in your skin is certainly has a cooling effect because of the so-called evaporative cooling. Therefore, during hot weather condition or when your muscles heat up due to much effort or exertion, the production of more sweat happened.


The main reasons for sweating are enumerated below.


First, spicy and hot food

It is said that a spicy food could activate similar receptors in your skin that react to heat. This is the reason why sometimes you pat your upper lip and forehead when you eat extra-hot foods. Another thing, the liquor or beer you drink could also make you sweat by broadening your blood vessels in your skin. Also, even your coffee can be a reason for you to sweat because caffeine excites the sweat glands.


Second, strong feelings

Your emotions from the wrath to love to stress can really make you sweat. Usually, the emotional sweating activates the sweat glands on the palms of your both hands and also you may experience armpit sweating. This can be a reason why your palms get wet when you are really fascinated to somebody, or when you have a job interview.


Third, medication

Several drugs such as ibuprofen could help you cool down when you had a fever. Others which include various blood pressure drugs, antidepressants, and diabetes drugs can truly make you sweat more.

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